Power Hour Thursday

Power Hour Thursday 2021

At Power Hour Thursday, students will be challenged to expand their academic dexterity in 90-minute courses focused on English Language Arts and Math in our morning session. For the afternoon, they will have an opportunity to explore during Variety Hour, where they'll play educational board games, create in an ever-changing makerspace, or join friends in athletic actvities.

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Tuesday School 2021

Tuesday School 2021

Tuesday School is a drop-off program with supplemental classes for ages 3+. Students can enroll in a half day (3 classes) or full day (6 classes) session for each 6-week quarter. Our students work together in 45-minute classes with lessons built around group-learning. To ensure friendship building and appropriate challenges, students are placed in classes based on age. Engaging activities like escape rooms, presentations, science experiments and more, create a safe environment for kids to learn together.

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Summer Camp 2021!!

Camp 2021

Join us for 3 awesome weeks of Summer Camp!

Team Red and Team Yellow will compete to be Camp Champions during Color War Week with games ranging from songwriting to track and field. Planet of the Arts will be a week packed with art projects from around the world; and our budding scientists and magicians will love Magic Or Science Week, where we'll experiment with a little bit of both.

Join us July 19 - August 6. Our regular program is perfect for campers age 4-10. Campers age 11-15, can participate in our special Counselors-in-Training program; and students ages 16+ can apply to be Volunteer Counselors.

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Please see our Covid-19 guidelines for details on how we'll be keeping our students safe this year.

Tuesday School 2020-2021

We had a great year at Tuesday School! Thank you for being a part of our fun!

Winter Show 2019

Our amazing students did a great job at the winter show! We are so proud of them and their accomplishments. Enjoy this video of the 2019 Winter Show!

Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club

Our Newspaper Class did an amazing job in Quarter 1 publishing "Homeschooled in the Woods". So many of our students were excited to be a part of the newspaper staff, and they didn't want the fun to end!
Students can now join the Newspaper Club. They'll meet for about 15 minutes during lunch at Tuesday School and receive their assignments. Quarter 3 meetings will be in Week 2 and 4. Students will complete their writing assignments at home.

If your student would like to join, email info@camphsr.com

Download "Homeschooled in the Woods" Issue 1

Download "Homeschooled in the Woods" Issue 2

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